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Champys Choice™ is the perfect place if you want do to something for your health, vitality and balance.

Our products are made in a FDA registred facility directly here in the United States 🇺🇸

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  • Made in 🇺🇸

    Made in the United States with safe ingredients from America and Europe!

    This makes the quality difference!

  • Evidence🌻

    Our products are formulated using only premium high quality ingredients, that Dr. Coldwells used historically with his 66.000 patients and clients in the past.

  • Synergetic🍃

    Our functional foods are carefully selected and work together in symbiosis, for optimal synergy.
    (Yin and Yan)

  • Bio-Available🧬

    We achieve optimal bioavailability, through the purity, quality, synergy, naturalness and formulation of our products.

The Future Of Medicine Is Food, Food You Can Trust®

Re-Discover The Nature™

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Pure Nature

Experience the unstoppable power of mother nature, that is generated when you are in the perfect balance of your life.
Get back in balance and start living your life to the fullest, with the most popular health supplements from Europe
endorsed by Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Re-Discover The Nature™

Champys Choice™ is: BACK TO NATURE!

Food You Can Trust®

We must constantly, every day anew, make the decision to be conscious and to nourish ourselves consciously. Our food must become our medicine and our medicine must become our food. Consciousness is important here, to find the right food.

Food You Can Trust®
  • Organic🌾

    Nature matters🪴

  • Clean-Plant Based🌿

    Pure Food for a Pure Body🍃

  • Vegan🌻

    Because we love animals 💚

  • No Animal Tests🐼

    We produce ethically🕊

  • Endorsed by Dr.C⭐️

    Dr. Coldwell’s recommendation

  • Made in America🇺🇸

    Manufactured in the United States🇺🇸

  • 3rd Party-Lab Tested👨‍🔬

    Safety makes the difference🔬

  • FDA Registered Facility🔬

    Safety First⭐️

  • GMP Certified✍️

    GMP-Consistent quality🪴


    Made with Real-Non GMO ingredients🌳

  • Sugar Free🤩

    We use Organic Erythritol🌾

  • 100% Natural

    !00% Natural ingredients🕊